an end and a beginning – solc #12

Tonight was the last session of my class in Adobe Illustrator. As I said in my original post about this class, I have learned quite a lot. I told my instructor tonight that I probably learned more than anyone else in the class. Of course, considering my starting point, I had the most to learn.

I now have enough basic knowledge to begin to try some things on my own. I have many plans for projects, but I know that the key ingredient is TIME.

My main purpose in taking this class to use some of the quotes I have collected over the years and create posters and prints. Thanks to a patient teacher and hand-me-downs (computer and software) from my daughter, I definitely see some possibilities here!

bird song



One thought on “an end and a beginning – solc #12

  1. I love this idea! I don’t know illustrator at all; I only discovered yesterday there’s a chart tool, for goodness sake.

    If you are willing to share more posters, I’d love to see them.

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