the light fantastic – solc #7

Yesterday I stayed later than I meant to after school. I was determined to leave right after car rider duty (but that didn’t happen). The day before was busy, and cold and cloudy, and we even had some snow –  but not enough to even coat the grass, much less the roads. So it was a regular school day rather than the anticipated “snow day.” Everyone seemed a little draggy all day.

As I left my room and looked out the doors at the far end of the hall, I noticed the sun was still brightly shining. (I have no windows in my room.) I checked the time again, and it was indeed as late as I thought, but I started to push my shuffling feet a little faster. The closer I got to the door, the quicker I walked… and then, when I went outside and stood in the sunshine, I just stopped and tried to take it all in.

Breathing deeply , I turned around to see where the sun was in the sky. It was much higher than I had expected! I could feel my spirits lifting. The days really were getting longer. And the clouds were gone! Even though it was still cold, everything seemed warmer. Brighter and more positive, too.

Earlier in my life I never thought I was affected by the amount of light during the day until the year my son was born (long ago) and I took a year off from school. Before that time I had always carried on with my activities, rain or shine, winter or summer, through years of school as a student and then as a teacher. But when my schedule became more of my own to determine, and I could choose to go or stay home, to accomplish a task today or tomorrow, I discovered that the light really did make a difference.

So ever since I have celebrated the days of light and rejoiced as the seasons change this time of year. There is definitely a “spring” in my step now, even today as the clouds have returned, because I know what’s coming. That brief reminder yesterday buoyed my spirits and gave me lots to look forward to. And, knowing that we change to Daylight Savings Time this weekend, I am whistling a happy tune today!

4 thoughts on “the light fantastic – solc #7

  1. Tam says:

    Light affects me big time. Yes, the light cometh. My spirits are hightened, also. Thanks for reminding me of the time change–life is truly good

  2. Tara Smith says:

    We haven’t seen the sun in a few days…and, yes, light does make a drifference, for I am getting crankier by the minute!

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    There’s a reason the “winter blues” exist! I was telling my husband last week how much I needed some sun and a light breeze on a mildly warm day; open the windows, and feel the air and the warmth of the sun! Soon….very soon. (I hope!)

  4. Paul says:

    There’s a deep connection for me between the rhythm of the seasons and the school year, and spring is that first breath of warmer air that whispers the end of the school year is just around the corner. Then, as you’re getting closer to the end and looking for energy, warm air and light gives you that extra boost. Great descriptive slice!

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