it all adds up – solc #6

FIRST – at home before school

1 load of clothes washed, dried, and folded before school

2 cups of coffee

2 scrambled eggs

1 SOLC writing posted


SECOND – at school before school

20 sets of Common Core standards copied

5 teachers’ questions answered and/or resources suggested


THIRD – during school

7 small groups of struggling readers

3 readers worked with individually

47 students in 2 classes meeting together for a GO! Chart lesson

30 minutes meeting with visitors from the AdvancEd school accreditation committee

3 teaching assistants counseled on how to best complete their assigned tasks

11 students progress monitored

20 running record forms printed

4 parents displaced from the workroom so 1 small group has a meeting place

6 ideas to lead teachers through in tomorrow’s study group

5 minutes to eat lunch


FOURTH – after school

10 gallons of gas purchased to fill an almost empty tank

6 items found and purchased in the office supply store

2 minutes late to meet my friend for our night art classes

20 minutes to eat and visit before class

3 hours of computer class

1000 unasked questions about how to use Adobe Illustrator

4 conversations with the class teacher about the mess on my screen (he didn’t call it that)

1 conversation with the class teacher about his goals in life


FIFTH – heading for the home stretch

45 minutes driving home in thick flurries of snow that did NOT stick on the road

½ inch of possible snow predicted (0 actually materialized)

1 serving of ice cream for a late night treat

1 hour of computer catch-up on emails, documents, and writing

7 things on today’s “to-do” list that didn’t even get thought about

6 hours of sleep in the night ahead


TOTAL = 1 busy day (and night)

7 thoughts on “it all adds up – solc #6

  1. That is a busy day by the numbers. This was an interesting way to document your day.

  2. This is a clever way to record one’s day! Give yourself a pat on the back for having a very full and rewarding day…so much accomplished. And thank you for the reminder about laundry…I am enjoying my first snow day in two years and really could be less idle!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. karidyerkari says:

    A very busy, productive day. I must say, I am most impressed by the laundry being washed, dried, AND folded before school. That would be a HUGE accomplishment in my home!

  4. elsie says:

    What a day! You need more than 6 hours to recuperate your energy.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    And here I am, thinking that I had had a busy day! Whew! Glad you made time for an ice cream treat, though.

  6. Yikes! That is one full day.

  7. newtreemom says:

    Oh my goodness! 1 amazed reader…

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