resilience in the real world – solc #4

This morning’s news brought information about an elderly couple who died in a house fire, as well as the neighbor who rushed in to save them. It continued with news of a drummer for a local singer who was in a serious car accident. And then there was word of a doctor’s office re-opening today after five staff members were killed in a plane crash last week.  Even the Queen of England is in the hospital with a stomach bug.

We’ve moved past the news of the weekend, which included information from a town three hours away where a woman died when she was paying her bill at a restaurant at the exact time a car careened into the building and hit her. But my thoughts of that news continue – she happens to be a sister of a friend – plus a fellow teacher at my school has a daughter who was working there at the time.

I don’t usually write such negative posts. But my husband and I always remark that news broadcasts seem to focus only on the bad news. I know these reports need to be told, but couldn’t they be mentioned briefly, and then move on? Sometimes it would be nice for the focus to be on the good things that go on around us.

Today I am thinking of the word resilience that I wrote about yesterday. With every tragedy mentioned here, and many others, there are people left behind in the wake of those events. Family, friends, responsible parties. These souls are the ones who must carry on.

Today I hope their roots are deep, and if they need support, I hope it is close by for them. I hope they can be resilient.

3 thoughts on “resilience in the real world – solc #4

  1. I have goose bumps on my arm after reading what you wrote today. I saw a car accident a few days ago. I was seconds behind the car that was hit. It could have been me.
    I will pray for the family of the woman who was hit by a car as she paid her bill.
    Resilient. A good word.

  2. elsie says:

    Reports like these strike a chord because it is so close to home. The brain starts thinking, it could have been me (or someone near me). We have to have resilience to face life and carry on when something does occur.

  3. Jaana says:

    Great word! We all need that in our lives. Today might be the day that my neighbor needs it more.

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