down time – solc #2

Today we are at our cabin at the lake. Every time we come and find everything in order, we are thankful that it remains in good shape.

We have had hectic schedules lately. My husband has completed an annual report for his company, and I have wrestled with mandates vs. realities at our school. We have looked forward to this weekend of relaxation.

The fire has warmed the cabin and our simple meals taste delicious. Outside the snow continues to fall, although it melts as soon as it lands.  We have books to read, movies to watch, and time to spend together. How blessed we are.

Sometimes it is hard to step away from the busy-ness of our lives and not feel guilty for the down times. But the reality is we don’t do this often. There are usually chores to complete, people to entertain, work jobs to finish, or even unexpected demands. So we are grateful for today. Today we are wallowing in this brief respite, this time of recharging and renewal.

Soon, another demanding week awaits…

2 thoughts on “down time – solc #2

  1. Just a wee bit of jealousy here 🙂 I would love to be you right now. xo

  2. Pooh Hodges says:

    May I visit you at the cabin please? I like fires, and I would sit in your lap. A weekend to rest and enjoy each others company sounds wonderful.

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