new eyes

It’s time for another class tonight to learn more about Adobe Illustrator. I did have time this week to practice some at home – on our old computer with a very old version of the program. It is still all new to me! Aside from the bits and pieces that I have learned about computer art, and the lessons I mentioned in my last post, this experience has reminded me how important it is to notice the little things. Now I can begin to appreciate the intricacies in a piece of design.

I had a discussion with my daughter yesterday. She is becoming in high demand for her graphic design work, yet along the way she tries to make time for volunteer opportunities. Recently she spent way too much time and effort on one such endeavor. Too much time away from her business, too much time in relation to the amount of work others put into their roles. She also complained that the thanks were missing for her work. My guess is that no one truly understood all that went on behind the scenes to result in the finished products.

As I continue my learning process of computer art, I am also trying to be more cognizant of the efforts put into projects of all kinds that I see in my daily life. I am understanding that things don’t just “happen” or “materialize” or “come to be” on their own. I want to notice more – and I want to take the time to thank those creative souls who make time to perfect their craft and make the rest of us smile with delight.

4 thoughts on “new eyes

  1. elsie says:

    A nice reminder for all to appreciate what is/has been done for us. Mindful is my one little word, so I will be mindful to show appreciation to those in my life. Thanks!

  2. Jaana says:

    I have to admit that there are times that I would like things to just “happen.” Would make my life easier, right? But, would I learn anything if things just “happened?”

  3. mayawoodall says:

    I like how you look at your noticing and your daughter’s. Insightful yet simple–notice the little things.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Nice reminder to all of us to ‘notice’ what really just was done, & the effort in it. Thanks!

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