sleep well

What is better than ending a productive day with the feeling of accomplishment? You can relax and reflect on the joys of the day. Then you can go to bed to rest and recharge. Sleep has a wonderful restorative property that nothing else can replace.

Sometimes , though, I wake up the next morning feeling stiff or achy. My right shoulder that I sleep on has been an aggravation for years. Possibly I sleep too hard and too deep. Maybe I am still a bit tense, even as I am sleeping. Too much to do, perhaps, subconsciously running through my mind.

But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.  Robert Frost

Our dog, Maggie, has been with us for almost four years. She was a nervous wreck when we “rescued” her and brought her home. Since that time she has gone from being afraid of her shadow to being quite well adjusted, generally only barking when someone comes to the door.

And she lives a pretty good life, restful and relaxing. She knows how to sleep. For all her anxiousness at times, when she relaxes, she does it well. I’ll bet HER shoulder isn’t sore when she wakes up. She likes to sleep on our bed during the day, and when you see her there, it looks like she has melted into the covers.

Maggs resting

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.  Leonardo da Vinci


2 thoughts on “sleep well

  1. I’m ignoring that all-important sleep right now because I’m up late working on query letters. (After 14 months I finally finished writing and revising my picture book manuscript and I’m now ready to send it out.) Thanks for this reminder to get myself upstairs to GO TO SLEEP. Maggie’s adorable face reminds me that I’d look better with more rest, too.

  2. Oh how exciting! Congratulations on finishing your manuscript. That’s a dream come true – no wonder you can’t sleep! But I hope you did anyway – Maggie highly recommends it.

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