sunlight and shadow

We were driving down a tree-lined road one sunny day, in and out of the shadows. The dark seemed so deep it could block out all colors, and the brightness shocked our vision when it hit us in the face.

Our son was young then, and his eyes seemed more sensitive to light, possibly because of the glasses he had to wear. We noticed him closing his eyes or turning his head away whenever we would drive into the sunshine after being in the shade of the trees.

One particular stretch of road had a long run of trees, with deep shadows alternating between frequent spaces of bright light. It was beautiful, yet a little distracting to go so often and so quickly between sunlight and shadow. Our son spoke up from the back seat of the car:

“It sure is a blinky day today,” he chirped.

So short, so sweet, so sure. Such a perfect description – we use those words to this day.

2 thoughts on “sunlight and shadow

  1. Yes, so sweet. Your writing is almost so crisp and clean. Your descriptions vivid. Thank you for sharing a special memory.

  2. I love the life descriptors my children have given me – in fact, I can name some I gave to my own parents as a child. They are poetic treasures.

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