night lights

As I walked out into the parking lot when I left work (late) yesterday the full moon was there to greet me. A bright, shining orb lighting up the early evening. The sky behind seemed darker due to the moon’s dazzling light. The trees were quiet silhouettes, supporting the scene from below. The night was clear and the edge of the moon was crisp against the night. There were mere wisps of clouds, stretched out like thin pulls of cotton, drifting across the sky.

I couldn’t believe it was so dark, so I turned around to view the western sky. Sure enough it was a bit lighter, and  the lower sky was a deep azure, fading up into deeper and darker blues. Glorious colors filled the sky.  I stopped to stare, transfixed. Again, the treetops looked like a cut-out lower border to the display. And of course there was the lone evening star, brilliant, even against the glowing sky.

Deep breaths filled my lungs and contentment filled my soul.

This morning I woke early and looked to see what the moon was up to. Now on the other side of the sky, it was quite different from last night. There was a thin veil of clouds covering it, but its light still penetrated and it kept its full shape. I viewed it in its place, high in the sky, this time through the tops of trees that had lost most of their leaves. The light made shadows of the mostly bare limbs. The wind was strong and steady, and the few remaining leaves shivered and trembled constantly, like tiny organisms wiggling in a microscope’s lens.

What a contrast. With the giant east coast storm sending tendrils our way, this morning scene reminded me how quickly things change and how powerful Nature can be.

2 thoughts on “night lights

  1. readsomuch says:

    Your slice painted such a clear picture in my mind. Mother Nature sure is something!

  2. and that is the wonder of words – to create imagery for the reader no matter where they are across space and time

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