the head is very vascular

Today is our son Mark’s 24th birthday.  We didn’t get to see him today, and we will celebrate later, but I have spent some time today missing him and reflecting on being the mother of this fine young man. I couldn’t help but recall some instances from his childhood, which I am sure we will rehash when we are all together. Here is one of our favorite Mark stories:

One Sunday we were talking with friends in our Sunday School classroom after church. Our children were young then, and they were playing with each other as the adults talked. Our son was about three and as he was running around the classroom he ran into the chalk tray that stuck out below the board, and he cut his head right at eye level in his hairline. Of course there were screams and tears.

As we were consoling him, one of our friends, a nurse, said, “You should take him to get stitches.” Even though he wasn’t bleeding too much at that point, she continued, “The head is very vascular, you know.”

We decided to take him to the emergency room and see what needed to be done. As we were getting in our car in the church parking lot another church member, a pediatrician, came up to us and asked to see Mark. “I heard he cut his head. I can’t go with you to the hospital right now, but I know they will take care of him there. He really should get stitches. The head is very vascular, you know.”

So we were off to the ER. By this time Mark was calm, and seemed to be in pretty good shape. He was only bleeding slightly from the half-inch long cut – but the head is very vascular, you know, and we didn’t want him to start bleeding later.

When the staff heard that Mark had hit his head, they took us back quickly and the doctor insisted that he have an x-ray to determine any internal damage.  Standard procedure for all head injuries, we were told. I went down the hall with him and as I sat outside the x-ray room, another friend of ours, a physician, came by and asked what I was doing there. When I described the scenario, he said, “It’s a good thing you brought him in. The head is very vascular, you know.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that,” I replied.

Everything was clear there so we returned to the ER and the doctor DID give him stitches. He was covered up with green sheets from head to toe so the nurse and I were rubbing his arm and leg to let him know we were there and that he would be just fine.

Then we noticed an odd sound coming from beneath the covers. My husband and I stopped, listened, and then smiled. Mark wasn’t the least bit agitated. In fact, he had fallen asleep and was snoring. Knowing there was no internal damage we let him sleep on and get those stitches so there was no chance of bleeding – because the head is very vascular, you know.

Happy Birthday, Son!

One thought on “the head is very vascular

  1. onesunflower says:

    When my son was 3 he cut his head too and we rushed him to emergency. The doctor took one look at him and asked, “Is he 3 years old? It’s about time he was in for stitches!”
    My son is 24 too – enjoy!

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