a special day

August 16th is a wonderfully special day in our family, with many occasions to celebrate! This year my aunt and uncle have their 70th wedding anniversary on this day. As someone commented when making our family picture at a celebratory dinner, “Most people feel fortunate just to have their 70th birthday, much less be married for that long.” They are a model couple, setting the example that all of us younger family members would do well to follow. They have lived in so many places it is hard to keep count, always moving where the job opportunities were offered, and making friends at every stop along the way. They are thoughtful and considerate of each other in everything, and they have a zest for life that has kept them young at heart.

August 16th is also my husband’s birthday. I have been blessed to be married to him for thirty four years (we celebrated our anniversary on August 12). He is hardworking and talented, employed as an accountant and the controller of a very successful insurance business. Yet he enjoys the fun side of life, too. He loves to exaggerate, and the more gullible folks often get caught up in his tales. And he is the epitome of integrity, always choosing the high road in every situation. He is a wonderful father and was a devoted son and grandson to his family members. Our dog Maggie is smitten with him, and dogs are a good judge of character, you know.

August 16th is also our daughter’s birthday. When she was born on her daddy’s birthday, seventeen days past her due date, my husband said it was the best gift he would ever receive. (He also said he would never have another birthday of his own, but we haven’t forgotten him along the way.) Our daughter has been beautiful from the moment she was born. We looked at her and wondered whose baby she really was, not able to believe a child that lovely could have come from us. She has always been independent yet never rebellious, reminding her brother she is “the good child.” Her talent and determination show in her stationery and paper design business, (Beth Hart Designs), making us very proud. She and her husband Jamie enjoy live music, trendy and delicious restaurants, Ole Miss sports, and spending time with their many friends.

We are blessed every day of the year, but August 16th is definitely a red-letter date for our family.

2 thoughts on “a special day

  1. pamelahodges says:

    A story full of love and family memories all from one day. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your husband sounds like he may have at one time owned The Brooklyn Bridge.

  2. BethHart says:

    Thank you Mom! It’s a gift to share my birthday with Dad, and I count my many blessings every day of the year… I’m a lucky girl!

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