picture a day

Picture a day…



So blue up above, the clouds fluffy white.

Wide open spaces, the endless view, a bigger sky.


A day on the lake, skimming atop the water in the boat.

All around you wind blowing, swirling, absorbing every other sound.


The water so sparkly –




foaming behind you,

splashing your skin.


A deep breath,


try to take it all in.


This day is over, heading in to shore.


But this feeling remains tucked inside you,

replaying thoughts of the freedom,

this joy,

this delight.


Memories, for when you need them,

at cloudy, busier times.

One thought on “picture a day

  1. BethHart says:

    Water is a magical thing… puts our mind at ease and soothes the soul! I love days on the water!

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