I love music!

Unfortunately my only musical talent lies in its appreciation, not its production. Fortunately for musicians, there are people like me who are stirred deeply by their work.

There’s something about music that speaks to our senses and takes us out of ourselves. Music can mend our broken spirits, help us celebrate joyous times, heal our hurt places within, and lead us in praise for our Creator.

Music can help us smile, make us weep, spur us to action, or soothe our souls.

As a would-be writer, I am often moved by the perfect turn of a phrase that a songwriter employs to grab our emotions. So much said in so few words. Of course the melody, rhythm, and mood contribute to its effect as well.

A really good song brings me chill bumps when I hear it. I turn it up loud and love to be surrounded by the moment. I can feel it deep within, where the essence of who I am and what I wish to be resides. There’s always a song stirring around in my head, repeating its refrain, making my toes tap the rhythm, bringing sunshine to my thoughts.

Currently – today anyway – the music that speaks to me is Springsteen, by Eric Church:

When I think about you, I think about 17
I think about my old jeep
I think about the stars in the sky
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
Like the soundtrack to a July Saturday night

I love music!

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