getting rid of the weeds

I have an important job to do.

I don’t want to do it. It takes effort, I’ll be sore from the strain later, and I’ll get hot and bothered in the process. But I need to weed the monkeygrass.

Last year I spent one morning finding the weeds (that are sometimes hard to tell apart from the monkeygrass) and following them to the roots to pull them out. It was slow going and back breaking, but that area does not have weeds in it this year.

However, afterwards I was stiff, and I developed some kind of rash, and I thought of a million reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) go back and finish the rest of that spot. Sometime later I did spend a few minutes pulling off the tops of the most obvious weeds, and it looked better temporarily, but this year those weeds are still there.

So now I will do the hard work and get rid of all the weeds, hopefully once and for all.


I have another important job to do.

I don’t want to do it. It takes effort, I’ll be sore from the strain later, and I’ll get hot and bothered in the process. But I need to get rid of some weeds in my life right now.

Sometimes the things I spend time on start out like the weeds in the monkeygrass. They look like good things, or at least they don’t look like bad things. You can’t really see them, they blend in. But then they get out of control and try to take over. And unless you get rid of them at the roots, they always come back again.

I need to cook more healthy meals. I need to walk more, and I need to lose weight. I need to be a better housekeeper.  I need to write more notes of thanks and encouragement. I need to be more consistent with writing on this blog. I need to follow up on some plans I have for various art projects. I need to go to bed earlier to be rested and ready for the next day. I need to smile more and worry less.

Yes, I have an important job to do. And  now it’s time for that hard work as well.  I want to get rid of those weeds, too, hopefully once and for all.

14 thoughts on “getting rid of the weeds

  1. djtsmith says:

    I join you in needing a weeding! Sigh.

  2. I just spent time this week pulling grass from one flower bed. What a pain, in more ways than one! Your attention to your own life is admirable, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Take some time to look for the good things too. I liked the way you applied the weeding to your life, though. Thanks for a thoughtful slice!

  3. Ramona says:

    Oh my! That’s a big list of weeds. All of your “I need” statements could be mine (except for the art projects)! Give yourself permission to tackle them one at a time.

  4. blkdrama says:

    You need to breathe too :). I don’t know about the weeding, but all the rest of the list, I need to do them too,

  5. I can so relate to your post! I love the parallels you draw between your gardening and other parts of your life! Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re able to get rid of the weeds!

  6. newtreemom says:

    Yes, yes, yes. True, true, true. I hope you (and all inspired by your post) will see lasting results when you reflect in another year.

  7. elsie says:

    You hit a nerve with this post. So many (me included) need to get weeding in our life. Good luck with the actual weeds and the virtual weeds.

  8. Lori says:

    Gosh, that’s a look at my life too.

  9. Your repeating paragraph fit so well. I echo almost all of the same things. I try to cover up my weeds…not good at all.xo nanc

  10. I think that we all have weeds in our life. I just never realized how many I have now.

  11. macrush53 says:

    I loved the rhythm of this piece…cooking better food, walking more, writing more and pulling weeds. They are all on my list. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Carol says:

    Like several others, I loved the rhythm of this piece. In my neighborhood, we have this stuff called bindweed. It looks like a vine, with really pretty shaped leaves, and then within a matter of days, it’s wrapped around everything in the garden, and all tangly. Every time I pull it (which is pretty much every day!) I always think of that Bible verse about “Watching out for sin that traps and entangles.” And yep, so many of the things on your to do list are on mine also!

  13. pamelahodges says:

    Did you go to bed early last night? Did you smile more today?
    I can relate to your post. Thank you for your honesty. I am weeding my bookcase today, just came upstairs to read some slices ( or to avoid the weeding?)

  14. […] there are some good habits I’m working on (getting rid of the weeds). I am eating better, and walking daily, and choosing to do the things at school that I believe are […]

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