midsummer spring

I shake my head,

blink my eyes,

lift my sunglasses,

thinking it’s their tint.

That must be the problem.

But no, it’s just the same

without them.


There’s so much green

everywhere I look.

Not the deep green I know,

the green I expect.

That aged green should be established now,



No, this is a spring green,

a green that jumps out at you,

one that is full of new life.

Not often seen this time of year.


The grass, once crispy, is practically glowing,

the boxwoods are crowned with new green shoots.

The lilies have new leaf blades

and sometimes flowers.



The dried-out lantana,

overheated in the iron urn,

reduced to nothing but brown sticks,

now is full and green and ready to bloom.


This summer has been unlike others.

There’s been heat and drought

like we’ve not seen here before.

Plants withered and died,

roots remained, but hidden.


When the rains came,

the glorious rains,

roots awakened

and plants were revived.

Some started their growth cycle

all over again.

Now it looks like spring in July.


Even the lightning bugs

have joined in the dance.

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