a moment of understanding

Today is our daughter and son-in-law’s sixth anniversary. How can it be that long ago that we celebrated their marriage with friends and family? It was a wonderful evening, a celebration of their love, and I trust it was just what “our little girl” wanted for her wedding. The evening was all about the bride and groom, so in love and so wrapped up in each other.

As any mother of the bride can tell you, there were numerous responsibilities and people and details and tasks to check on that night. It was so busy moving from moment to planned moment that I hardly had time to think. As I watched our daughter come down the aisle, I thought sadly how little time I had spent with her that day. “But that’s as it should be,” I thought. “She’s taking this step into the next part of her life, with a wonderful young man, and we are so thankful.”

The ceremony at our church was beautiful and the reception was held in a plantation garden nearby. Guests were already in the tent when my husband and I got there, and I was welcoming folks when a bridesmaid came to me and said, “Beth needs you. She told me, ‘Go find my mom.’”

I rushed outside the fence and found her and another bridesmaid struggling with her dress. “Please help me, Mom,” she said. “We can’t get it bustled the right way.”  Because I had practiced this a few times, we were able to quickly get it into shape so she could enjoy the reception and the rest of the night without dragging the train of her dress behind her. With a couple of button loops and a quick hug she and her new husband were on their way.

I stood outside the fray for a moment and smiled. It was then I knew that, from time to time, there would still be a place in her life for her mom after all.


3 thoughts on “a moment of understanding

  1. pamelahodges says:

    Oh dear. I didn’t expect to by bawling at the end of this one. Your words really help me to find my own feelings. Your last paragraph was so touching. I love that you rushed outside the fence.

  2. You have captured the heart and soul of adult parenting in this post. They still need us – but in different ways – if we have done our job right. Thank you for sharing a powerful memory.

  3. BethHart says:

    You know I’m crying after reading this… I too wish there had been more time for you and me on my wedding day, but I’m so glad that you felt fulfilled by my needing you for the bustle. There will always be room for you in my life, and you have always been a big part of my rock – my foundation. I love you very much – for always being there and for helping to make my dreams come true. My wedding day was a dream come true, but you’ve helped fulfill so many other dreams for me. One day, I hope to help you in that way!

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