do you know…?

Dear Daughter,

  • Do you know how beautiful you are? Your sunkissed hair, your shining eyes, your sweet smile, your shapely shoulders, and your tiny fingers, all so lovely. Dad and I still look at you, as we did when you were first born, and wonder how WE could have a child as precious as YOU.
  • Do you know your heart and your compassion show in all that you do? I think about the people you have befriended, the tender spirit you have when watching a touching movie, the sadness in your soul when you hear of someone in need.
  • Do you know that we wish we had written down the funny words that you used to say? We never did really know where “jellybong” came from but it still makes us smile.
  • Do you know that I sometimes wish I could still stroke your hair the way you liked when you were little? Right behind your ear – so soft and smooth.
  • Do you know how I would love to hear you play the piano? I remember so many songs, especially the Titanic, that were so expressive when you touched the keys.
  • Do you know you are a dog whisperer?  Belle and Maggie and all other dogs melt around you. They are good judges of character, you know.
  • Do you know we are just teasing you about being little MeeMom? But you could do a lot worse. You definitely have her style, her creativity, and her passion.
  • Do you know how you really can be “blonde” sometimes? We like to point out your forgetfulness and confusion by saying “cha-ching,” referring to that money spent on education.
  • Do you know how smart you really are? We know.  It’s a natural understanding of so many things, mixed with hard work on the things that puzzle you sometimes.
  • Do you know how brave you were to start a new school in seventh grade? Middle school is never easy even when you are on comfortable ground.
  • Do you know how smart you were in college to realize that your first course of study didn’t “speak to you?” And maybe that’s why you were surprised to learn there were dead bodies in forensic chemistry.
  • Do you know it must have been an omen that you went to see “Fever Pitch” on your first date with your husband? Good thing you have learned how to love sports (because you love him).
  • Do you know how much fun it was to plan your wedding with you, because you already knew so much about what you wanted? I think of that fun summer every time May rolls around – and I am always thankful it is behind us, with happy memories to think on (and the hard work behind us).
  • Do you know someone is always telling me that their daughter wants a wedding just like yours? It was a fun evening, and so “magical” – the music, the flowers, and the dancing. But mostly because of the love that was evident there.
  • Do you know how warm and comfortable your home is? Your sense of style is welcoming – and inspiring, too.
  • Do you know how proud of you we are that you have your own business? We understand what all that takes – not just the creative part at which you excel, but the day-to-day hard work that it takes to keep it going.
  • Do you know how blessed we have been ever since you came into our lives? We thank God for you.
  • Do you know you will always be our “sweet pea”? We love you with all our hearts.

Do you know these things?

We know all this, and more, because of you.

We love you,

Mom and Dad

One thought on “do you know…?

  1. BethHart says:

    Sniff, sniff, sniff… all I can say is thank you. One day I’ll find the right words.

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