back to school

I love summer. I adore the lack of schedules, the freedom of thought, the comfortable clothes, the contentment that it brings.

So this time of year I get cranky thinking of it coming to an end.

But I love teaching, too. In an effort to prepare myself for the days ahead, here’s my reminder list of what will make me happy to be back in school to start a new year even though I have to leave the beloved summer behind:

  •      Getting back in a routine (although I fight against it)
  •      Shiny floors
  •      The new, clean feeling of the start of a school year
  •      The smell of crayons
  •      Suntanned children
  •      Finding lesson plans that really work
  •      Students with eager smiles for their new teachers
  •      New bulletin boards
  •      Colorful folders and spiral notebooks with neat designs
  •      Thoughtful read alouds
  •      Organized supply boxes
  •      Happy hall displays
  •      Knowing you can make a difference in these lives this year
  •      Welcome Back signs
  •      Empty notebooks waiting to be filled
  •      Quiet voices (at first…)
  •      Dust-free shelves
  •      Knowing where everything is
  •      Boys and girls who have grown taller… and wiser
  •      New books
  •      Websites to try
  •      New marker sets
  •      Visiting with friends I have missed
  •      The look on students’ faces when they “get it”
  •      Curious and confident children
  •      Mornings – starting the day at home and at school
  •      Endless possibilities ahead

to be continued….

One thought on “back to school

  1. Ramona says:

    I love the honesty of this post because I too love summer and tend to get cranky as August arrives. Now I’ll add your reminder list as a strategy to get myself ready for the school year.

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