praying together

Recently my son and I saw an old friend of mine and one of her daughters in a local bookstore. We spent some time catching each other up on our families and current situations. I learned that another of her daughters has had mono and can’t seem to shake it. I assured her that I would keep her in my prayers.

As we left I told my son about this daughter. “I prayed for her before she was born,” I told him.  In answer to his quizzical look, I explained that this mom and I had been in a prayer group together long ago and she and her husband were hoping to have another child. Our group asked for God’s blessings on this family, and her beautiful daughter was an answer to that prayer.

Today a friend stopped by to visit for a few minutes. We were talking about the fast summer, and comparing notes on what we had each been doing. Her family is trying to plan a trip in August, but getting everyone’s “grown-up” schedules coordinated can be tricky. I told her we had managed to take a trip to the beach with all five of us in June, and I hoped hers would work out as well.

She paused for a moment and then asked how it is with “another” family member included, meaning our son-in-law. “Oh, he’s one of the family now,” I explained. “He puts up with us quite well, and we can’t even remember the days before he was part of our trips.”

“I remember praying for him before we knew his name,” she said. That was when I paused, and then recalled another prayer group we were both a part of and the requests we made for our children, including asking God to bless them with just the right person He had picked out for their lives. Through tears I said, “Yes, thank you for that, and for this sweet memory, too.”

I continue to thank God for Christian friends and answers to prayers.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

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