Ahh, summer! Time to relax, get off the regular schedule, and be carefree. What delight!

Well, after a couple of weeks, that is. It just takes time for some people (namely me) to make that change.

Crazy, I know. But that’s just the truth of it. I can’t move quickly from the run-you-ragged pace of teaching school and working-in-a-life-around-that to the more relaxed pace of summer. I wish I could, but it’s never been possible for me.  Sadly, the reverse is true as well. Come fall it takes me a while to get back up to speed, although that seems to happen more hurriedly, because then the pressure is definitely ON.

This is not altogether a bad thing. I use those first two weeks of summer to accomplish things that have gone undone throughout the school year, albeit at a more leisurely, enjoyable pace. So things do get done, and I slowly unwind. In fact for me, the last two weeks have been mainly filled with vacation – a week at the beach, and most of this week at our cabin. Now I am almost good for nothing, but it sure feels good.

But that brings up another problem. Even when I am fully engaged in summer, it takes a couple of days for me to get used to the all the more laid-back flow of days at the beach. There is a flurry of activity getting ready to go on the trip, so the first day or two there I spend thinking about what else I need to do. Then by the time I realize I don’t HAVE anything to do, some of those precious days have slipped away. And then the rest of the week flies by and BOOM! It’s time to go home.

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful. I am extremely thankful for the way the days of my year play out. I just get aggravated at myself sometimes. For a while I had convinced myself that everyone did this, but when I mentioned my thinking to my husband, he responded, “Are you kidding me?” Maybe we should discuss this further so I can get a few tips from him about how to more quickly slow down.

2 thoughts on “unwinding

  1. margaretsmn says:

    The problem for me is I make a long to-do list for summer, and here it is almost the end of July, and it’s not close to being done. Maybe I slowed down too much?

  2. Oh gosh, your story could have come from my play book! Last year took me way too long to unwind so I vowed that I would splash into summer faster this year. It worked but it took me a year to prepare – so start now for next summer. I didn’t do anything big like leave right away on a vacation, I just made myself go for a bike ride on that very first day free of school duties.

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