another (good) day older

Getting older is yucky, no doubt about that.  Old age comes with stiff joints, poor eyesight, wrinkles, and more. Some things you get used to, but it can be discouraging. However, today I found that being old can definitely have its advantages.

I went to the phone store to get my iPad added to our data plan so it can work with 3G service. If I had been younger, I might have felt intimidated to ask for help, or I might have just tried to do it myself online and messed it up. But, being older, I didn’t have any problems at all getting them to do it for me.

It actually made the customer service employee happy to be able to help me and answer all my questions. (Or at least she made me feel that way – thanks, Kim.) And I felt good because, as I was waiting, I heard other people ask questions that I already knew the answers to (or at least I think I do…). Plus I learned some other tips incidentally by listening to those young employees that have the technological knowledge and experience I lack.

So now I have a 3G connected iPad and a better attitude about embracing where I am in life. What a good day!

2 thoughts on “another (good) day older

  1. pamelahodges says:

    Happy you were treated kindly and that you have a better attitude about where you are in life. A good day!

  2. BethHart says:

    Age is a state of mind! I think Aunt Rosie, Uncle Larry, and Great Gmomma are prime examples for us to follow as we get older. I’m also glad that you’re “hip and with-it” in your technology efforts!

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