passing journey

sugary sand,

radiant whites,

cascading waves,

foamy water,

swirling greens,

azure blues,

freshening breezes,

seagull calls,

sun-sparkled water,

coconut sunscreen,

sunkissed hair,

sunburned skin,

rippling umbrella edges,

passing beachcombers,

tideline treasures,

broken shells,

skittering crabs,

diving pelicans,

refreshing drinks,

windblown seaoats,

smiling faces,

colorful floats,

airplane banners,

skipping children,

canvas chairs,

bright towels,

family laughter,

bright sunlight,

sunset pinks,

complete relaxation,

deep contentment,

fleeting days,

seaside times,

brief escape,

cherished time,

enduring memories,

precious blessing.

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