we never thought of that

There was one thing we never thought of when we bought our cabin at the lake.

We were so blessed to purchase a cabin on the lake three years ago. We wanted so much to have water access, but when we looked at available real estate, we quickly realized that it wasn’t in our price range. Not by a long shot. Then, through a series of connections, we learned about a house that was to be auctioned. And miraculously (truly a God moment) we were the only bidders and bought this house for the minimum bid.

Our water access takes time and commitment. We have a boathouse but there are many stairs between it and our cabin. Yet we made a beeline to examine it first when we went to look at the house for the initial time. And we have huffed and puffed up those steps many times since then. We have even had additional stairs built to make a more direct route. Still, the boathouse is there, it is ours, and we are so thankful.

This house appealed to us for many reasons. It had plenty of bedrooms, high ceilings, a stone fireplace, and a basement for future completion and use. The neighbors immediately became like old friends and yet we all have plenty of “space” separating us. We have a lake view but also the towering trees and woodsy feel we love. It also had a musty (moldy) smell, dated wallpaper, rickety steps off the deck, and peeling paint outside. I was hesitant to take on the tremendous amount of updating that was needed, but my husband was able to look beyond ALL that work to see the potential here for our family and for the future.

But there was one thing we never thought of when we bought our cabin at the lake. Our location is at the end of a cove that has a small marina at its entrance, and several boathouses close together, also in the front. However, back in our area, there are just a few boathouses and docks, so it is a peaceful spot that doesn’t have much boat traffic – well, maybe a kayak or a paddleboat or two. What we never thought of was how we would have our own “swimming hole” right there.

We have used this swimming hole to the fullest. We love to get on our floats and spend lazy days there. When visitors come they often choose floating over boating, just for the peacefulness of it. My friend remarks every time she comes that “You never thought about having your own swimming spot, did you?” I’m also reminded of the neighbor across the cove, whose family has been coming to this spot for forty years, who always says in his soft voice, “It’s the best cove.” Little did we know, but we do now – and he is so right.


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