a better forecast

Hello from the beach.

Our first day here was filled with rain and threats of Tropical Storm Debby lasting all week. We sat in the condo and watched the rain. And we watched the wind. We played a few games and watched TV, especially the Weather Channel. We ate and snacked and ate some more. When the rain would stop (briefly) we would walk out to look at the gigantic waves and the tiny beach and listen to the roar of the surf and the storm.

But thankfully the weather forecast was wrong. The clouds broke apart yesterday as we sat on the beach watching the waves calm down.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over a coastal lake as we ate a delicious grouper dinner. Today’s forecast has a ten percent chance of rain – two days ago they were calling for a one hundred percent chance of rain today. Tomorrow the “guys” are going deep sea fishing on a calm gulf, so different from a few days ago.

We are thankful that our annual one week oasis from the trials and tribulations of daily life will go on as planned. Hopefully we have enough sunscreen.

2 thoughts on “a better forecast

  1. Dana says:

    Glad to hear the weather has cooperated with your vacation. I am very envious that you are at the beach. There is no better place, in my opinion. Something about the waves and sand just oozes relaxation, peace, calm, and happiness.

  2. Ah the beach! I’m so glad the storm is leaving you alone.

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