the cadence of summer

So it is officially summer. I already knew that because it has been in the 90’s for days and that summer haze is hanging in the air. There’s little critter activity during the day because the temperature is just too stifling. Even the birds do most of their melodious singing before daybreak so their throats won’t become parched in the midday heat. The oakleaf hydrangea blossoms are already moving from pink to brown (they lost their white color long ago), and there are actually some yellow leaves falling from trees. The farmer’s market is full of its bounty and the tomatoes are tasting more like homegrown every day.

Now summer is meteorologically here. I didn’t need the news anchor to tell me that, but he did. We’ve had the summer solstice and the days are technically getting shorter from here on out. Even though time slows for me during the summer – no school schedule and so much sluggish warmth pressing in all around – I couldn’t tell that yesterday was the longest day of the year, but it was.

The warm weather came so early this year that we were robbed of spring here in Tennessee. It passed so quickly I compared it to the end of a fireworks display – almost too much to take in at one time. So I am glad that summer is taking its time and moving a little more leisurely. So far I have filled my days with visiting and shopping and projects and professional development and walking and corresponding and cooking and doctor visits and catching up on those left-undone chores that had been neglected during the school year.

But since it is officially summer, so I’ve been told, I am done with all that. Now I am going to concentrate on reading (books that are piled up waiting),
and writing (words that need time to be pulled from inside my head and my heart),
and breathing (deeply and slowly),
and floating (in the cove at the lake with family and friends),
and going to the beach (two days from now!),
and playing with some art projects (that I have been planning and pondering for some time),
and sitting and watching lightning bugs in the evening (weaving their firefly trails),
and listening (to my family, my friends, and my heart),
and being (rather than so much doing).

I am thankful that the rhythm of summer has finally arrived. Hopefully the cadence will linger and the pace will become ingrained inside me.

One thought on “the cadence of summer

  1. I have to find the time to SLOW DOWN this summer. When I look at my calendar, it already feels as if it’s over. But it’s not.

    Thanks for reminding me to linger and accept the slower pace.

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