time with friends

This weekend we were privileged to have our Sunday school class come to our cabin at the lake for the weekend. This was the fourth year we have been able to get together there, staying two nights spread between our cabin, another member’s relative’s cabin, and the nearby state park inn. We spent time boating, floating in the cove, relaxing in the cabin, eating too much, and doing lots of catching up. Since Sunday was Father’s Day, we reminisced about our favorite memories of fathers, with both humorous and touching tales.   It was a good time of being together and spending time with old friends.

I remember when our family first visited this church twelve years ago after we moved to town. My husband and I were determined to visit several churches and see what each had to offer. We wanted to see where the Lord was leading us and how we could fit in and make a contribution. However, when we visited the first church on our list (our current church) we felt the presence of the spirit there, and we saw people who were “celebrating the joy of their salvation.” We learned about positions and jobs we could fill, and we never visited another congregation.

Then we were determined to visit several Sunday school classes, but we failed in that attempt as well. The first class we went to (our current class) hooked us from our first visit. We found a group of people who were “living our lives” – they had children getting ready to finish high school, taking the ACT and SAT, planning for college, or playing sports, just as ours were. They had parents who were becoming more in need of care, just as ours were. And they had a heart for making people feel welcome and working together in ministry, which is just what we needed.

Throughout the years we have been in this class, our family has had children graduate from high school and college, lost all four of our parents, had one child get married, and gone through these same experiences in the lives of other members. We have raised funds for missions, hosted Room in the Inn for the homeless, worked at the Last Minute Toy Store at Christmas, and authored a church cookbook. Our fellow class members have been the constant throughout all of these events. Most importantly, we have made lasting friendships for which we will be forever grateful.

And so it is truly a privilege to be able to have these dear friends spend time with us at the lake, adding another chapter to our treasured memories of being together.

One thought on “time with friends

  1. pamelahodges says:

    Treasured memories of being together. God had a spot all picked out for you.

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