that explains it

We were gone this past weekend and we came home to an astonishing sight.

We have a number of Stella D’Oro lilies in our yard. Their foliage is always a welcome sign of spring. I always know that when the buds appear, it is time for school to be out. But everything has been early this spring since it has been so warm. Still…

I was amazed when we drove in and saw, at the end of our driveway, that the buds on the lilies there had appeared and were almost ready to open. Honestly, there was no sign of them when we left two days earlier. (OK, I guess I didn’t look down into the foliage, but the stems had definitely not shot up like this!) I jumped out of the car and walked around to check the others. Yes, all had signs of forthcoming blossoms.

It seemed magical to me, that they could spring forth so quickly. Perhaps they do this every year and I am too wrapped up in year-end activities to notice. (Plus this makes me want it to be the end of the year NOW even more so than before.)

But I have a better explanation. I think the flower bud fairies came to our yard while we were away. I can see them as they lightly touched each mound of lily grass and brought forth the buds in an instant, just like that! (poof!) Did they have a magic wand? Of course. And in my mind I can see them, gleaming and glistening,  as their wings are shimmering with delicate movement. Almost unnoticeable. Only for a moment, and then they are gone. No wonder I missed them before.

Makes sense, don’t you think?

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