A gift! A treasure! Perfection!

That’s what I found last week.

Well, actually my friend found it and left it on the table for me to find. And I did. And it is FABULOUS!! I’m talking about the book, Guyku, by Bob Raczka, illustrated by Peter Reynolds.

This little book is a collection of Haiku poetry written specifically for guys. As the author explains, the form is short (like a guy’s attention span for poetry), the poems are about nature (something guys love) and each poem is about something guys love to do. Here’s one of my favorites:

     In a rushing stream,

We turn rocks into a dam.

       Hours flow by us.

Hours flow by us” – I can feel it, can’t you?

The poems are divided into seasons, detailing guy activities for each one. Each poem is magical, using the most exact words. The illustrations by Peter Reynolds (The Dot, Ish, The North Star, etc.) make each perfect poem even more special. Here’s another one I love:

       With the ember end

of my long marshmallow stick,

       I draw on the dark.


You can see a preview of this book and get some other info at this website:

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