I have never really liked recliners.

My dad had one that sat by the pole lamp across from the TV and had a little table that held his pipes next to it. He didn’t want anyone else to sit in it. Not a problem. It wasn’t comfortable to me.

The first recliner my husband and I had (after I finally gave in) had a big headrest that pushed back at you unless you were reclined almost horizontally. So when you sat in it you found your chin resting on your chest and you couldn’t easily look up. Ugh.

Then somehow we bought another one. It was better because you could hold your head up.  It was a dark green small stripe and we had it for about twenty years it seems. It was only in the den for about two of those years. The rest of its life with us was spent in our son’s room (beginning his manly love of recliners at an early age) and in the basement.

Now we have a leather one that is very comfortable and relatively attractive. But it is cold to sit in. That’s also OK, because it is my husband’s chair and he’s always hot so he loves it.

We also have a very sophisticated chair that reclines. I do not consider it a real recliner because it isn’t soft and mushy, and it is very stylish. But you can lean back a bit and prop up your feet in it and I often sit there to read.

My son has a recliner at college. Some friends of ours had one to give away, and you would have thought they had given him gold. He’s also in awe of the ones that have all the bells and whistles, even the camo covers. But he’s going to have to buy that for himself when he is out on his own.

We have a delightfully comfortable large sectional couch in our cabin at the lake. The trouble with it is that we can’t all fit on it when everyone in the family is there. So we decided to get some other comfortable seating. We were at a favorite furniture store one day when my husband pointed out that they were having a recliner sale.  We just happened to be in the truck, on the way to the lake. Hmmmm. One thing led to another and we ended up buying not one but two matching recliners. I chose a color that would allow them to blend in, not stand out. Did I mention that recliners are not my favorite?

So now I don’t have to fight anyone for the couch anymore. And the chairs do blend in nicely. But guess what. I always sit in that recliner when I am there, even when it is just my husband and myself.  You may not believe this, sometimes I don’t believe it either, but it is my favorite place to relax. There’s a side table of the perfect height and a great floor lamp for reading light.

I find myself wishing for it at home on days when I am tired and I can’t wait to get in from work and unwind. On our way to the lake I picture myself settling into the chair as soon as I get there. It is soft and warm, and just the right size to snuggle into and be incredibly relaxed. Oh dear… maybe I do like recliners after all.

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