being a teacher

I have always been a teacher…

When I was in elementary school I loved school. I loved being at school and I loved playing school at home.  I wanted to fill all my days with school things, and I pretty much did.

I also loved Sunday School and Vacation Bible School at church. I took art classes and swimming lessons and baton twirling classes and dance lessons and piano lessons. Learning – in any environment – was a magical way to spend my time.

In middle school I made the huge jump from being in public school with lifelong friends to attending a private all girls school with lots of classmates I had little in common with – or so it seemed at first glance anyway. But after I made the difficult transition I found out that I still loved school.

As a high school student I already knew what I wanted to be when I grew up – yes, a teacher. I had amazing teachers who taught me things I didn’t know I wanted to learn and things I have never forgotten.  From them I discovered that learning is not just for use in your daily life, but it makes your life better every day. These educators influenced my life in ways I am still discovering forty years later. I wanted to be this for someone.

In college I majored in elementary education from day one and never wavered. I loved all my classes and couldn’t wait to try out the things I did for my class projects in my own future classroom with my own students. I felt as if this is what I was supposed to be all along.

So I got my first job and I have taught for thirty-plus years and I have loved every minute. Even when I went through a bit of burn out around year fifteen, I realized that there was nothing else I wanted to do more. Now I work with teachers as well as with students, and I find I am still a teacher to them.

One day I will retire. But I hope that then I’ll find ways to help others achieve the things they want for their lives. Maybe that will be through writing, or speaking, or in ways more hands-on, or just spending time with others helping them do the things they need and want to do.

I will always be a teacher.

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