something to ponder

I consider this my fledgling blog – this one you are reading now that I started one night at the end of February without fretting and worrying about it beforehand. (That’s why I seldom get things done quickly – I think about them too much. Too much thinking, not enough doing.) Then I jumped into the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Writing Challenge in March. What a wonderful stretch for me, and an invigorating experience. I have tried so hard to find just the right words that speak a thought, reflect a feeling, tell a story, or connect to others. It sure is hard sometimes, too – most times in fact.

At first I didn’t read any other posts. (I did go back and “catch up” after the first five days.) It was all so new to me and I didn’t want those other voices to be speaking in my work. But I think now I have grown enough – not a lot, but enough – to possibly reflect those words of others instead of incorporating them, and I have been so inspired by them.

As I read those other posts I am also moved and inspired by the use of images with the writing. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. So I am contemplating using pictures to accompany what I write. I like it in others’ work and I wonder if I can do that, too.

I know – more thinking. I should just do it – or try it and see what I think. Stay tuned…

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