a big bang

I have a surprising addiction. I love “The Big Bang Theory.”

Strange because I am 55 years old and my life is quite different from what is being portrayed in the show. There is some language and there are some references that I have to overlook because they are inappropriate, but generally the show makes me smile and often laugh out loud.

I have tried to figure out what it is that clicks with me. Mostly I have reasons why it shouldn’t:

1-       Some people say you have to be smart to “get it,” but that’s not the case with me, not scientifically anyway.

2-      I do like the quick pace and the humor that is ongoing and surprising at the same time, but there has to be some substance along with the comedy for me to continue to tune in.

3-      Sometimes I am fascinated with the setting of a place, and I even find myself looking for decorating ideas in the background of shows, but the young adult apartments don’t fit that description.

4-       There are some maddening characters that drive me crazy sometimes while they annoy the other characters as well.

5-      I can’t even watch the opening – I have to turn my head away or close my eyes – because the rapid flickering of pictures makes my head spin and suggests an oncoming migraine.

So… what is it that makes me look forward to this show? The best I can tell is that the characters are like real people to me. At least Sheldon and Leonard are.

We don’t see only their good side – or only their bad side either. We get to see their outstanding qualities and we know well their frustrating characteristics, too. That makes them like real people – like someone we know. We can predict what they will do, we want to warn them what bad things are ahead, and all the time they do things we wouldn’t expect.

They make me laugh and smile. And they make me think – about academic things, about language, and about relationships. I like them more each time I see them – and they make me feel good about myself, too. Just like so many people I know.

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do this week!

3 thoughts on “a big bang

  1. elsie says:

    I love The Big Bang too!

  2. I almost wrote an entry about Big Bang – my husband got me hooked. The show tackles stereotypes in a caring and funny way. What I love most is the banter of vocabulary – I find it stimulating even when it’s inane!

  3. inane – what a perfect word for their conversations!

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