sharper senses

Writing has sharpened my senses.

More distinct vision helps me to catch sight of the everyday radiance around me. I notice things I never looked at before, and I observe them through a different lens.

Keener ears allow me to hear nature’s quiet sounds – or perhaps the words people don’t allow themselves to speak aloud.

I can now get a whiff of the scents of satisfaction in hard work, or curiosity about how things came to be, or anticipation of what’s ahead.

Often I find myself reaching out to try and touch the feelings of warm contentment, or piercing wonder, or bitter disappointment.

The taste for finding the right words is developing in me – words that roll around in your mouth and in your mind,  and feel right on your tongue and on your heart. Words that speak to me, as well as to others.

And even when I can’t find exactly what I am looking for, the being aware has made all the difference.

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