spring fireworks

There is a sort of

fireworks show

in the air this spring.

I have never thought of

blooming trees and flowers

like fireworks.

Spring is usually much

quieter and more peaceful.

Most years

the tiny shoots of buttercups

push slowly

through the soil

and they are (usually)

one of our first signs

that Winter

is thinking about leaving.

Then slowly


other things start to appear –

a swollen bud on a branch here,

a warmer breeze rustling bare branches there.

But this year –

Spring has come so quickly,

one blooming season

has bumped into

and overlapped with

the next

so we had plants and trees flowering together

that are usually

weeks apart.

The maple and oak trees

are in full leaf now

and many of the blossoms

from the flowering cherries

are gone.

The redbuds were in-and-out-in-a-flash

and the dogwoods are

already starting to fade.

It has been beautiful

and breathtaking

and glorious.

Like the finale

of a fireworks display,

almost too much

to take in

at one time.


3 thoughts on “spring fireworks

  1. elsie says:

    You are exactly right! I’ve been thinking the same thing but didn’t have the words. This is great!

  2. jee young says:

    I love how you described spring as fireworks in the air. I can imagine it it my head! Nice poem!

  3. Thanks for giving our beautiful spring beautiful words!

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