carpe diem


I’ve seen these words in a variety of settings, including at the top of those notes pads that are long and thin and look to me like a great pad of paper on which to make a to-do list. But putting these words at the top of a checklist is so wrong…

carpe diem?

We know this, but how often do we really do it? We plan, we prepare, we work, we play, we talk, we rush, we rest, we do all kinds of things, but how often are we totally there –physically and mentally – in whatever we are doing? Or do our minds wander to what comes next?

carpe diem- no way!

It almost seems irresponsible to let go of the things that bind us and hold us. There are events we have committed to, parts we have to play, and routines we need to follow. There are things we must do, things others are counting on us for, things that really do make a difference if we do them – or if we don’t.

carpe diem – yes?

The story of Martha and Mary in the Bible comes to mind.  I tend to be Martha, because I know someone had to clean the house and cook the food or no one could have eaten that day, yet I long to be more like Mary and celebrate the precious moment.

carpe diem!

And yet, we must attend most to what is at hand. We must be completely present in the moment to be a good listener, to breathe in the cleansing breaths we need, to move ahead with what is most important.

carpe diem…

I know all the things that would suffer if I do not meet responsibilities.

But do I understand what I am missing when I fail to fully participate?

I believe I need a new thing on my to-do list:

seize the day

One thought on “carpe diem

  1. My mom used to say “seize the day before it seizes you” and then my dad would joke and add “or you ‘seize’ to exist.”

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