spring at last – solc #28

Perhaps you can feel it before you even get out of bed in the morning. There’s something different about the air – the way it smells, the way it quivers with anticipation, the way it holds the light.

It has been dark and cold for what seems like a very long time. You have spent your time with your head down and your inner self wrapped in a quilt of self-protection. Just hunker down and endure, you have been reminding yourself, as one day fades into another.

Keeping that bit of inner warmth going takes all you can muster. There’s not much excitement to spread around to others these days. It’s hard, just so hard, to keep going in this gloom. Surely this can’t last forever.

And sure enough, today is different. Hard to say exactly how, it’s a feeling, a stirring, maybe just a wish, but somehow it feels like more. So you open yourself up a bit and you venture a little farther than you have dared to let yourself go in the shadowy times of the yesterdays past.

As you poke your head out you sense it. You see the sun, you feel its encouraging warmth. You let yourself lift your head higher, searching for more. Yes, that’s what you have been waiting for, looking for… for such a long time.

You sense the shimmer of eagerness around you. You embrace the cool breeze that blows gently, nurturing instead of defeating. You stretch, you drop your guard, you unfurl your safety blanket, finally letting it go.

It is time, at last, to get on with your life. You have weathered the cold, and lo, the winter is past. Like a dormant seed underground you can send out roots to gather nourishment – those roots that were waiting there all this time. Now you can stretch, and spread out, and grow into who you were meant to be all along.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

2 thoughts on “spring at last – solc #28

  1. capewriter says:

    THIS is a beautiful piece. A thoughtful piece. A well-crafted piece. I love how you put me in the piece. You capitalized on all the feelings I have had all winter and those which have gone unnamed since things started changing up, slowly but surely, this spring. Delightful to read; I think I’ll print and save as a mentor. Go, you!!!!

  2. you drop your guard
    you grow into what you were meant to be all along
    lovely lines and images

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