underwater glow – solc #25

Away from the heat

Or the wind, or the rain,

The air is thick inside the boathouse.

Crisp lines and edges blur.

Sheltered there,

The water seems firm.

Occasionally the boathouse creaks and moans,

Crooning its age old water tune

Of slipping highs and lows.

Beneath the floating docks

The light shining brightly outside

Reflects here indirectly with an underwater glow.

Sometimes it lights the path

For fish to swim

Along the unseen passages there

With a green transparent hue.

The muted glimmer

Holds so much promise

Of emotions to surface

Or tales to tell

When this peace is left behind

And traded

For the sharp-edged world outside.

5 thoughts on “underwater glow – solc #25

  1. elsie says:

    You’ve taken me into a world that I know nothing about. Your words have left me wondering, “What am I missing?”

  2. jen says:

    “tales to tell” – love this… mostly because when I think of tales, I think of children, but in this case, I get the feeling that the tales come from anyone who experiences this space.

  3. Coming as I do from a water and boating family, your poem speaks volumes to me. And I love the image that the boat house is more than just a place for boats.

  4. pamelahodges says:

    “When this peace is left behind”
    Loved the image of the atmosphere inside the boat house.
    The little sentences and the space in between each line, give me pause to digest each sentence. Lovely.

  5. “When this piece is left behind” brings the image of a sunken ship! Great sensory imaging, I can see, hear and feel your poem!

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