La Fortuna – solc #24

Til There Was You is a charming movie from several years ago. The setting in a busy impersonal city includes an old apartment building called La Fortuna. It is an anachronism in its architecture and in the way the neighbors know and care about each other. The center courtyard design of the place allows the inhabitants to see each other’s comings and goings and the many porches and sitting areas encourage conversation among friends.

After viewing the movie several times I (finally) noticed that the enchantment of the old place was always emphasized by gently falling blossoms. Whenever the main characters walked through the courtyard, the silently floating petals added a wistful dreamlike quality to the scene. As the characters grew to love and appreciate the magic of the place, you were mesmerized as well.

This time of year always reminds me of La Fortuna. Today after the rain I noticed our cherry tree in the backyard and watched its drifting petals falling slowly and steadily. They seemed choreographed so that a new one turned loose from its branch when the one before was almost to the ground. Again, the calming sensation made me pause and reflect on the good and important things around me. I could sense a bit of sparkle in the air. La Fortuna indeed.

2 thoughts on “La Fortuna – solc #24

  1. elsie says:

    Your description “. . .drifting petals falling slowly and steadily” is what I’ve been witnessing with the Bradford pear trees. Love the way you connected to the movie.

  2. pamelahodges says:

    A lovely slice. The people in the movie start to notice their world and appreciate it, and then you are noticing your world. A charming parallel.

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