those people – solc #19

When our children were little they had favorite toys. Some were more loved than others, but eventually most were outgrown and left in the back of the closet in favor of newer ones that were more suited for our children’s age at the time.

From time to time we would sort through them together and choose ones they could donate to Goodwill and others that they couldn’t part with, even if they weren’t being played with by our maturing daughter and son. We decided to set these “keepers” aside and save them for much later, when our children were grown and had little ones of their own. “Your children might want to play with them someday,” we would tell them. “You can say, ‘We played with these when we were young.’” Then we would box those treasures up and keep them up in the attic.

One day our son was going through some of his things and picking out which toys to give away. There were two piles. We knew one was to donate, so we asked what the second group was for. “You know,” he said, “but them in that box upstairs – the one for those people.”

5 thoughts on “those people – solc #19

  1. elsie says:

    That’s too funny, “those people”! I suppose that will be the catch phrase from now on when you are sorting items to keep and give away. Still chuckling!

  2. Lynn says:

    So cute…and thanks for making me laugh on a bit of a stressful day! Don’t you just love what comes out of their mouths?

  3. caroline524 says:

    That will be the phrase to use with his children. Very cute!

  4. What a sweet son! How great that he is generous of spirit, without fulling understanding the toys’ destination. Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Carol says:

    My sister started a notebook where she wrote down all the cute things her kids said. I wish I had done that, too. When you get those grandkids, you can call them “those people.” LOL!

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