changes – solc #18

March is an unpredictable month. You never know whether the weather will be more like a lion or a lamb. You can’t tell if those ambitious buds and shoots will be nipped by tomorrow’s return of winter. You are always surprised when your basketball bracket picks are swallowed up by a smaller team with a bigger heart. You wonder if you will wake up with your feelings stuck in the winter doldrums or itching with spring fever. March is a time of transition – the seasons are changing, and with that, new life is being born.

Change can be a difficult thing. You often teeter on the edge of change and waffle in your decisions about going forward or back. Should you let go of the familiar, or reach out for new things, or both? You may wonder why things have to change, and wish they could stay the same.  I have never embraced change. My dad used to tell me, “Honey, the only thing you can count on to remain the same is that things always change.”

Yet looking back through my life, I think of the changes I have been through and I am thankful for almost every one of them. Be it a move to a new house or a new town, working in a different school, having children, having children grow up, making new friends, discovering new places to visit, or seeing things in a new light – all of these changes have enriched my life.

Recently I was reminded of trips to a water park and spending time on the lazy river. Not being one who seeks excitement (in this case tall water slides) I could easily spend the day floating around and around and around. Each new turn brought something different, and even as the route was repeated there were always different people to watch or new angles of the sun revealing something previously unseen. Eventually something would prompt me to get out and move on.

So I’ve decided that’s how I’ll approach the changes that are sure to come. I’ll try to keep an eye out for the opportunities that present themselves and consider each one carefully. With that attitude, somehow I believe that I’ll know when it is time to move on. Just as the change to spring is sometimes stormy, change may be a bumpy road. But it brings new life to old things, and that seems like a change to look forward to, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “changes – solc #18

  1. Linda says:

    Change has always been hard for me. Your story got me thinking back to some of the changes in my life, and like you, most of them have been positive. I still try to cling to “the old days” sometimes. I miss my sons living at home, but seeing how happy they are with their lives makes me realize that life is about change and it keeps life interesting.

  2. missmoyer says:

    interesting connection between the weather in March and the idea of change. I like it!

  3. Janet says:

    March is usually a miserable month for me, due to all the reasons you listed. Thanks for pointing out a new way to look at March and change. Perhaps it will become my marvelous month. Thanks for the smile.

  4. the other ruth says:

    My favorite part was that first paragraph–I like the contradictions of March. Great way to open this slice!

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