madness – solc #13

I love basketball. I played it when I was young. Girls’ basketball was six-on-six half court then. I was a guard and never scored any points. My son cannot even begin to understand that concept. It does seem unbelievable in light of today’s sports for women. But I loved it. We could “clog up the middle” with the best of them.

So I was the most enthusiastic fan during my son’s high school basketball career. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic. Sometimes my husband wouldn’t sit with me. Maybe I was a little too loud.

After our son graduated and left basketball behind, and although it wasn’t nearly as fun, I became an avid college basketball fan.  I could name most players (or at least recognize their names) on several teams and even quote some stats. That was when I discovered the world of brackets. How could I have missed out on this for so many years?

Now it is that time again. I have been a little pre-occupied for the last two weeks (with what I wonder?), but I can’t wait to fill out the brackets, cross my fingers, and start yelling at the TV again. Hooray for March Madness!!

4 thoughts on “madness – solc #13

  1. pamelahodges says:

    Please help me. What are brackets?
    Your writing is like sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea. I find out a little slice of your life. Written like you are talking. “Sometimes my husband wouldn’t sit with me. Maybe I was a little too loud.”

    • Thanks as always, for your kind words about my “words.” Brackets are/is the line-up for the teams chosen to play in the NCAA tournaments. If you “do a bracket” you get to choose who you think will win in each of the games of the tournament. Then you get to see if you can beat your family, friends, neighbors, and unknown others in picking winners. As my daughter says, it is all just luck, which may be true. Even though I am mostly frustrated with my poor picks, it really is fun.

  2. caroline524 says:

    I love the line “sometimes my husband wouldn’t sit with me” I can remember the days of almost moving away from my husband when the boys were in little league. Good luck with the brackets.

  3. Linda says:

    I’ve never been a basketball fan, but a lot of people here at school are. The excitement is already building. I enjoyed your slice because I could hear that same enthusiasm in your words.

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