where do you get a book like that? – solc #9

Have you read the picture book, The Raft, by Jim LaMarche? If so, don’t you love it? If not, then you must.

I love this book for so many reasons. The wanna-be artist in me is dazzled by the illustrations which are so realistic and so dreamlike at the same time. The aspiring writer in me is captivated by the story line of too-good-to-be-true turns in the tale as well as the vivid, realistic descriptions of place and time that make me feel like I am right there. The people-person in me loves the characters as if they were real friends that I know. If I ever have grandchildren, I have a role model in this book to follow.

I fell in love with this book all over again when our family purchased a small cabin by a lake. For a while I would imagine a raft floating to our dock just like in the book. I have a copy of the book there to read to those once and future grandchildren, too – just in case I ever get the chance.

Meanwhile, I chose this book for a read aloud to a fourth grade class at the beginning of the year. I used an anchor chart with it and we worked on the strategy of inferring. It was a well-received and successful lesson, but I felt a bit like the use of it in class took some of the magical quality away from it for me.

Then as I was leaving the room, one of those students that we all know and love came up to me. You know the type – the one in whom you see so much potential and yet you just can’t find the key to help him unlock what he has inside. The one who spends so much of his time avoiding work that you know if he would just do it he could excel in so many things. So he walks up to me with a new light in his eye and says, “Where do you get a book like that?”

And I knew that all the magic – and more – was still there.

The Raft



8 thoughts on “where do you get a book like that? – solc #9

  1. Dana says:

    Just added this book to my to read list. I didn’t know about this one and I’m excited to read it. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Wanda Brown says:

    Ditto…book is added to my wishlist. I love mentor books…the ones that grab you and you so hope they grab at least one little one. Sounds like part of your wish has come true (the little boy) and I hope you get to complete the wish with someday grandchildren (none here yet either).

  3. Cindy King says:

    I didn’t realize SOLC would give me so many new books. I am currently at my max for books on hold in the library system. Too many books, so little time.

  4. Seney says:

    WOW! “Where did you get a book like that?” I had a student one day that borrowed a book from my class library. She went home and read it and returned with the book clutched in her hands. She held the book out to me and said, “You have got to read this book!” I told her I would (although I already had) because the passion and love in her eyes made me realize the “spark” had been lit. The same has happened for your student. I will also read The Raft! Thanks!

  5. caroline524 says:

    I think I am adding this to my list since part of my summer’s are by a lake.

  6. loved,loved the last line, So he walks up to me with a new light in his eye and says, “Where do you get a book like that?”

    perfect ! I’m ordering The Raft this weekend ! xo love nanc

  7. Betsy says:

    This looks like a must read! Thanks for the review and recommendation!

  8. I have seen this book – it is great to hear how you have used it and how a student’s curiosity was piqued.

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