from now on – solc #8

Our daughter Beth decided she wanted her new phone to call her by name.

“I can set that for you,” said our son Mark. “Let me see it.” When she handed it to him he quickly tapped here and there and said, “Call me ‘T-Bone’ from now on.”

“No, no, no!” squealed Beth. “Gimme that back.”

“Let’s listen,” said Mark with a smirk. And the phone said, “Alright, I’ll call you ‘T-Bone From Now On’.” Mark laughed, “Even better than I planned!”

“Oh good grief,” said Beth. She grabbed the phone back and tapped for a while. Then she spoke into it: “Call me ‘Beth’.”

“I’m sorry, T-Bone From Now On,” replied the phone. “I can’t do that. From now on I will call you ‘T-Bone From Now On’.”

“Oh good grief,” Beth repeated.

18 thoughts on “from now on – solc #8

  1. Jama says:

    Oh, how funny. My sister has so much fun showing us how her phone talks back to her. I think I still find that a bit disconcerting, for a phone to be so . . . personable.

  2. Tara says:

    I could not deal with a phone talking back to me…Beth will no doubt find a way to craft a more pleasing (though less funny) message!

  3. Elizabeth G says:

    Gotta love siblings. I can just imagine in her frustration. I’m sure the users manual got some good use that night. Too funny!

  4. Alan Wright says:

    A small yet illuminating exchange that illustrates the banter that bubbles through family life. A bit of techno tension here. You captured it perfectly. A family funny moment for sure…

  5. Ha
    Great story about technology and about siblings. That will be one to remember a few years from now.

  6. showgem says:

    Very funny. Having brothers it always annoyed me when their creativity and planning got the better of me.

  7. Wanda Brown says:

    You brought a smile to my face and a memory to my brain. Years ago, my youngest son programmed my phone with this message…”Wanda, pick up your phone…Wanda pick up your phone.” He was tired of me not answering. I was assessing incoming kindergarten students the first time I heard it. I did not know what it was or where it was coming from. Those sons…they love being pranksters! Thanks for triggering a fond memory. Your kids must be a lot of fun.

  8. Tam says:

    Fun slice. Brothers are wonderful and keep us humble.

  9. Deb Day says:

    LOL–never give your phone to a boy! That should be one of the new rules. Especially, if the boy is your brother!

  10. Donna Smith says:

    Oh, I just had to laugh out loud at the look I could see on Mark’s face, as she grabbed the phone from him – too late!

  11. Stacey says:

    Does this happen to be Siri that’s talking to her? (Sounds like something Siri, on my iPhone 4S, would say back to me.) VERY funny!

  12. Lisa H. says:

    That is great! The best part is that they are capable of fixing that themselves – not even daring to ask the parental tech dinosaur…. Thanks for the laugh!

  13. pamelahodges says:

    The use of dialog was so effective in your slice. I keep thinking of spirea and your dogs with the same first letter of their name. Hopefully your daughters phone won’t be going through my head!!

  14. Katie says:

    so funny. I love the interaction between them, the teasing way of brothers. I can almost hear the robotic voice of the phone.

  15. Ha! Now if only our phones were smart enough to do that… funny!

  16. Julie Crocker says:

    Hysterical. I’ve avoided talking to my phone for fear I cannot “fix” anything – such as the name your son programmed into the phone.

  17. Ha ha ha! Love the back and forth dialogue. 🙂

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