rescue dog – solc #6

My name (now) is Maggie and I am what you people call a rescue dog. My first home was with a man and three other dog friends and we were all happy together until I noticed my owner started acting strange. He didn’t pay much attention to me anymore. I heard him telling people he was sick, and then one day he told me I had to go live with someone else. I looked at him with my big brown eyes and he started to cry. So I wagged my tail and licked him and tried to make him happy again.

He took me to a stranger’s house and he cried when he left me there. I ran to the corner of a bedroom and wouldn’t come out, I was so scared. This house was very different from my home.  It was always busy, and nobody noticed me much, which was OK with me. I liked having the other dogs there around though because it reminded me of my real home. I wondered when I could go back there.

One night two more strangers came to the house. They looked at me and wanted to pet me but I wouldn’t let them. I barked at them when they came near. They kept talking to me and put me on a leash and led me to the door. I pulled back but they were too strong. They put me in their car and took me away. Then I was so sad because I was getting used to that house and I had to leave it, too.

The house they took me to was quiet. There were only two people, no kids, and they just sat and looked at me. I couldn’t sit down, I was so nervous. I paced and paced, and finally wore myself out. I sat down, and then I lay down, and I finally went to sleep. I don’t remember a lot about those first days there. They kept trying to pet me and they called me a funny name, one I wasn’t used to. I don’t remember eating much. I felt so alone with nothing and no one familiar around me at all.

I have had to think really hard to remember all this because things are so different now. My new home is the best place ever. My family loves me so much and we do everything together. They think I am beautiful and smart and they take me with them on trips and they sing songs to me. They let me sleep on their bed in the daytime when they are at work. They make me go to get baths and get shots sometimes but I am always happy inside.

I am still not sure what a rescue dog really is, but I sure do like being one.

9 thoughts on “rescue dog – solc #6

  1. Katie says:

    This slice had me in tears. My dog is near and dear to my heart and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to give him up.

  2. elsie says:

    Maggie, you must be a very special dog because you got to tell your own story. It sounds like this family is so important to you and you are important to them. Loving someone is so powerful! You tell a great tale, maybe your owner will let you tell more another day.

  3. Love hearing the dog’s voice! What heart she must have.

  4. Maggie, I’m glad everything turned out well for you. I was worried halfway through your story, but it sounds as though you found the perfect family.

  5. Paul says:

    I like the choices you make to create this “character” voice — clear, straightforward sentences are a great fit!

  6. I love how Maggie tried to make the first owner feel better, liking him and wagging her tail. So true of the nature of a dog – pleasing others – selfless. Always good to look at situations from other perspectives!

  7. Ruth Feris says:

    What a great way to tell the story of a rescue dog. I could hear her voice so clearly. My heart always breaks when I see dogs waiting in cages for the hope that someone will choose them. Your story touched my heart.

  8. BethHart says:

    Maggie is beautiful and is so lucky to have you as mom and dad… I know this because I’m lucky too 🙂

  9. […] have had names starting with M – Muffin, Magnolia, Molly, and Megan. Then came Maggie. The rescue dog who captured our hearts and filled our empty nest with a different kind of […]

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